Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 this is the illustration for L'alphalpha 
the songs are really amazing for us..rich music with simple theme..people who heard this song can't stop smile and say "this is awesome band" :D buy their album and you can feel what we said..:)

About a Friend
it's all about you my friend
so why don't you come and hug me
and if you have some stories
so why don't you come and share it with me

cause you are my friend
yes you are my friend
don't you ever cry
and don't say goodbye

Comet's Tail
have you ever seen?
the girl with a comet's tail on her hair
don't forget to make a wish on her
have you ever felt the warmness?
that she gave to us, when she flies
and the stars in the sky
will never stop to shine

have you ever met?
the girl with a comet's tail on hair?

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